Have you heard of the Flash Freezer, the up and coming new freezer machine in the market?
If you have indeed heard of this “on the rise” device, you are probably wondering whether this technology can be utilized in your very own household.

The flash freezer was originally made to be used in the factory for corporative business use. This website will provide the insight and information that will help viewers evaluate the assets and liabilities of obtaining a personal flash freezer in the homes.

Bringing Technology to the House

Compared to the orthodox freezer, the flash freezer has higher capabilities and is equipped with the finest technological assets to preserve ingredients in the most qualitative state.

Many businesses have started incorporating the use of flash freezers for the company’s merchandise, and have fully reaped the benefits the machine has to offer.

Therefore, it is common for normal household users to have interest in whether flash freezers are available for household use.

There is no clear conclusion of “yes” or “no” on whether the flash freezer is able to be used in the common household. However, on the most part, it is difficult to own a flash freezer in the homes.

The machine was originally made for factorial purposes, and is not necessarily meant for home usage.

Reenacting Flash Freeze in my Home?

Flash freezing is the scientific method, or process, of freezing the ingredient in a shorter time period than the normal freezer. There are different flash freezers that have been equipped with different methods of freezing.

If purchasing flash freezers may be difficult for consumers, some may be considering flash freezing on one’s own accord as a possibility.

While it is not impossible, it is helpful to know that each of the machines have a different style of freezing, and every one of the method integrates a modern technological science to back it up.

Flash Freeze in the Home!? Information website

For example, the Re・Joice Freezer requires alcohol brine (liquid fuel) that must be managed and regulated on a timely basis. The Blast Chiller uses an originally developed Anti Cycle Vibration Cold System and controls the cold fronts when freezing the ingredient.

It will be nearly impossible to replicate the scientific procedure that the flash freezers have been equipped with.

To be able to flash freeze at home on one’s own accord is to be able to master the science of freezing that have been studied and cultivated by flash freeze specialists.

Difference between a normal freezer and Flash Freezer!

At this point, the answers to the questions have been oriented towards the “no”, or “it is not possible” point of view. While the facts may be directed towards the truth of difficulty in owning a flash freezer, or copying the ability of the machine, it is important to understand the difference between the normal freezer and flash freezer.

Normal freezers have the ability to freeze an ingredient and preserve food supplies for a long time. The goal of flash freezer is the same, but the efficiency is distinctively different.

The biggest difference in flash freezer is the result of the frozen product. Because flash freezers have the ability to fulfill the requirement of completely freezing the ingredient in a high speed while maintaining the quality of the food content in the best state, the defrosted content is considered no different than the pre-frozen product.

Understanding how the flash freezers are better than the orthodox freezer can be helpful in setting the foundation of deciding whether to acquire a freezer or not.

Know the size of Flash Freezers

Flash Freeze in the Home!? Information website Having a flash freezer increases efficiency, and it is a productive asset for preservation of ingredients. While useful in the restaurant kitchens and factory facilities, flash freezers are not recommended to be used as regular household kitchen freezer.

Due to the larger-than-normal size of the machine’s body, reconsidering the purchase of a flash freezer for household usage may be necessary.

Below is information that may be useful for those considering the purchase of flash freezers for household use.

The three freezers introduced are the most popular brand and types, starting with the Re・Joice, followed by the 3D and Proton Freezers.

Re・Joice Freezer type

Diametric Information (mm)















As listed above, the size of the smaller liquid based freezer is reasonable.

Flash Freeze in the Home!? Information website

However, it is important to consider the fact that the main component used in freezing the material is the liquid fuel.

The Re・Joice Freezer uses thermal conductivity to freeze the ingredients, and it is not an easy task to manage the alcohol brine.

On the other hand, the actual liquid used is non-poisonous and even contains anti-bacterial features that make it safe to handle.

Additionally, below is the same information content for the 3D freezer

3D Freezer type

Diametric Information (mm)

















「straight type」

Can be customized

「spiral type」

Can be customized

As listed above, the 3D freezers are very tall, and the shortest KQF-8A is 5 feet 10 inches or nearly 6 feet tall.

Unless the “home” is composed with a large enough kitchen room, otherwise spacing, to hold this large machine, then it will not be an easy task to manage ingredients with the 3D freezer

If the house is genuinely proportionate enough to fit the 3D freezer, then the utilization of the 3D freezer in the home is feasible.

Flash Freeze in the Home!? Information website

Proton Freezer type

Diametric Information (mm)












Designed based upon Request

The Proton Freezer is also not the smallest type of freezer. While the shortest “height” is at 5 feet 6 inches, the rest of the freezers are over 6 feet tall.

Knowing the size of the flash freezer is critical in evaluating the space consumed by the machine, and how much room is left in the kitchen for the actual cooking process.

It may also be possible to leave the flash freezer in the basement or other storage rooms, but it is recommended that a certain level of sanitation and hygiene is maintained.

How much should I budget for expenses?

It may be safe to say that the most critical factor of deciding on selecting a personal flash freezer is the price.

In terms of flash freezers, the miniature type price ranges around 3,000,000 yen, or approximately 24,121.32 USD* as an average market price.

*United States Dollar-American dollars/exchange rate at 1 yen for .008041 USD

Depending on the size and ability, the price can range from 10,000,000 to 100,000,000 yen (804,380.4 USD to8, 043,804.0097 USD)

With growth of competition between the rival companies, the super mini freezer types have been decreased down to 1,600,000 yen, or 12,870 USD.

The price of flash freezer is not “cheap”. Therefore, this information is highly prioritized when deciding to purchase a flash freezer for household use. Some viewers may view this information as flash freezer being highly costly. However, if this seems like the appropriate investment, then in that case, buying a flash freezer for home usage may be the wiser decision.

Learn the speed of "Flash" freeze

Introducing the speed of freezing for liquid based Re・Joice Freezers!

Flash Freeze in the Home!? Information website
Re・Joice Freeze rate graph

Re・Joice Freezer type














The difference in RF-2 and RF-250 is astounding. The Re・Joice Freezer provides a variety of options for the users to select from when purchasing, so that the perfect amount of food supplies can be frozen efficiently.

The size, price and rate of speed the ingredients can be frozen are critical decision factors that can alter the use of flash freezers in the home.

In the end, the above information is minimal components that affect the usage of flash freezers in the home. The final decision is made by the value of the owner on whether the house is large enough, the flash freezer is a necessary investment and the price, expenses and other costs are within budget.

Reevaluate the Information!

Flash Freeze in the Home!? Information website

Although flash freezers are a bit too large, it is not completely useless in the household kitchen. However, because it has been originally made for corporate, factory and other business usages, it is not oriented towards a normal household kitchen.

If this kitchen ware is used in a normal family setting, there would not be enough space or equipments to fully utilize the assets the freezer has to offer.

For example, the Liquid based Freezer is difficult to maintain the liquid fuel status, and keeping track of the amount of ethanol-alcohol brine in the homes is not an easy task.

The Air based Freezer is easier to use, but is space consuming when placed in a household kitchen.

On the other hand, products that have been flash frozen can be kept in normal household freezer storages. While it is difficult to maintain the same quality and status in terms of preservation, the frozen product can be placed in a normal freezer and kept in the same state as before being frozen.

Therefore, when purchasing frozen foods that have been flash frozen, the product content should be placed in the household freezer as soon as possible. There are no government restrictions or laws against purchasing, owning or utilizing flash freezers in the household kitchen…but it is just not useful!

Owning a flash freezer in the house is not impossible, but a difficult task. It is necessary to keep in mind the expenses, size of the machine and other components when actually deciding to obtain one.
Flash Freeze in the Home!? Information website


In conclusion, owning a flash freezer for household use may not be the most productive method in terms of spaciousness and finance.

However, for personal businesses such as manufacturer facility, restaurants, production sites and others, the flash freezer is a very useful tool that can increase efficiency and maintain quality.

Regular household freezers are not as capable in preserving food contents in the highest state of freshness. Nevertheless, on the most part, purchasing a flash freezer for the house’s new kitchen ware collection requires a certain portion of evaluation.